Summer is just around the corner!

Almost May 1st! Here comes summer in California. Wish you were here!


I had so much fun playing in the Red Rocks in New Mexico I thought i'd offer my fans a free digital picture to use as a desktop or background, or even to make a Mothers Day gift for your loved ones! So, here are a couple of previews...if you like them make sure and tell me! Oh, and if you want one (without my logo, of course) then email me at On Sunday I will respond to all of the emails I have gotten and send you your digital copies. FYI the file will be large enough to send for large prints if you like.

Happy Friday!

Back to California we go!

Well, we made it back to California. My daughter wasn't feeling well, so we didn't take too much time sightseeing on the way home from New Mexico. (There's always next time, right?) We did manage to take Route 66 whenever possible between Albuquerque and Bakersfield, and saw some pretty interesting things. I was suprised by the differences we found both in the highway itself and the towns lining it. In some towns, they really embrased the Route 66 funk and kept up with it, some even had tour busses lining the streets. In other towns, not only did it go to ghost town status, but a good deal of the buildings had either fallen down or been burned down. Here are a few pics from the Route 66 portion of our trip this time.

7 more days!!!

We will be headed back to California soon, only 7 more days! Of course, once we leave we will be posting photos from stops along the route and you are welcome to follow along. We will be sharing on our Facebook Fan Site, so make sure you are watching.

Stops on the return trip may include:

Red Rock Park (near Gallop)
More stops along Route 66
Mojave Airplane Graveyard
Lake Havasu
Antelope Poppy Preserve

Would you like to be a stock photographer?

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at stock photography? I thought I'd put some links on my site today in case you have. To be honest, I've never made a lot of money at it, but it is quite fun and I've made a good deal of money through the contacts I've made while selling stock.


Dreamstime is my favorite site, I have met tons of great photographers and buyers through this site.


Someone just asked me to build a background package for them to use on their desktop computer. I have put together packages like this before to be used as backgrounds as well as screen savers. Would any of you be interested in something like this? Please comment and let me know. And, 'follow' our blog so you get the updates when they are available.

Thanks, happy Monday!

What a great day!

This morning we took some great hikes as a family at Petroglyph National Park,