Loving Kelowna

Tons of outdoor recreation to be had here in Kelowna. This morning I worked out at the recreation center and then took the dog for a walk behind the buildings on the biking/walking paths. The recreation Center was built on an old dairy farm, and some beautiful Willow trees were left there by the creek. There are playgrounds and tennis courts and running tracks and these super cool outdoor fitness things.

Oh, Canada!

Hi everyone, we are in British Columbia now, our first assignment lasts until summer. We are looking forward to sharing many photos with you.

We woke up in Fort Langley (e of Vancouver) this morning. Very damp but not cold yet so we all went for a walk by the river.

so much fun!

we have been having so much fun shooting spring family photos in the SF Bay area! Time is just flying by.....even when it's pouring rain we are still out visiting California State Parks and Beaches, or doing puddle hikes. We are definitely enjoying each and every day here. Are you following us on Facebook? If not, click the tap up at the top of this page and it will take you there. Facebook is so easy for us to update from the road that it gets way more attention than our actual website. Here are a few examples of photos we've taken over the past few weeks:

Spring Giveaway!

It's so hard to sit inside and edit photos when the sun is begging us to come out and play...i just know we are just missing some gorgeous summery weather. Guess I'll have to bail and come back tonight after dark and try again. Speaking of Summer, I decided that this year I would run a giveaway. Exciting, right? I'm still collecting vendors that might want to join in on the fun, but from Parks Photography we will be giving away 2 family photo shoots, with a forest theme or a beach theme. (Santa Cruz area) The shoots will include one hour of shooting time, and an online gallery to order pics from. O.k so you can have one entry by following our blog, one entry by following us on the Facebook page, and one entry by sharing our Facebook Page with others. (leave a comment under this post telling me that you did please) The contest will end on April 15th with the winners being announced right after the winners are chosen using random.org. Vendors: if you are interested in joining up for this giveaway, email us ASAP so we can get it all figured out. We will only accept family friendly (g rated) companies, and would love to see some photo prop type things, clothes for kids, treats, frames, etc. and would LOVE to hear from California companies!

Weekends are too short!

We do so many shoots on the weekends....and so many hikes and playground and dog park visits, that they all seem to fly by! This past weekend we were mostly in the areas around Santa Cruz meeting families for play dates and photos. Did you know that this year, for every 5 photo shoots we do I only post examples from one or two? I had someone ask me that today. The truth is, I understand about privacy and some people do not want their family images online on Facebook or websites and I work with them on that. Here are just a few fun examples of photos we got to take this weekend.

Spring fun!

Hello there! We have been pretty busy and haven't had time to update the blog. Well, truth be told, I'm horrible at it even when we're not busy. So, here I sit wanting to share something with all of you and not having much to say except happy spring! We have been doing shoots around Monterey the past week, and here's just a sneak.....just a reminder we still have yet to hear from alot of people that have purchased photo shoots, and we have time to still shoot families for spring/Easter photos.

Santa Cruz and Monarchs

so, today we were playing in Santa Cruz and it was so gorgeous for summer. Unbelievable for Feb:-) we saw more Monarchs today playing in the sunshine than ever before. i wanted to share a few pics as soon as possible with you so i stole my husbands tablet to post some snaps. if you have never seen this many butterflies in one location...well its pretty amazing. Make sure and leave a comment, ok?

California and dogs!

Now that we have our friend, Sam with us all the time, we are always looking for dog friendly places to take him to play. We have found some great ones on our own and some with the great dog aps for mobile phones. Now I just found this list from a realtor in Santa Cruz~how great to post suggestions on his site! I would give him a call right away if I were looking for a home there, just because he includes the entire family. ;) Santa Cruz dog friendly

Busy busy!

Hi there! We've been having such a great time meeting tons of new families and playing in this great weather. Have you called or emailed yet to book your outdoor session? We have dates scheduled all over the area, don't wait until that Groupon is about to expire. ;)

More beautiful weather!

Hi there! Looks like we are keeping our gorgeous summery weather for a couple more weeks! I know I should be sad because we really need the rain, but I'm having so much fun playing on the beaches in the 70 degree weather and hiking in the sunshine! Here's a few shots from this last weekend, we ended up filming in the trees and meadows around Felton, California and what do you think of how some of these turned out? 

Thinking about grabbing that Groupon?

YAY! We can't wait to meet you.  I thought I'd write you a quick note just to help with some questions about the current Groupon (Jan 3-5, San Jose).  If you look around our Facebook and Website you will probably get a quick idea of what we are doing this year, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be monitoring the question board on Groupon once the deal goes 'live' so you can also ask that way.

How long is the shoot?
Our current Groupon will include up to 60 minutes of shooting time.  If you need more than that, we can arrange that in advance of your shoot and will need to know that for scheduling purposes.  ($50 for each additional hour).  But honestly, after about 30 minutes most people are ready to move on to whatever else they have planned for the day. 

Where would you like to shoot?
We can meet you at an outdoor location here in the SF Bay area.  (think beaches and parks) we would love to meet you and your family on a beach in Monterey, or at Crissy Field in San Francisco, or in Santa Cruz by the Boardwalk, etc.

What kind of photo shoot is this?
Yep, this is for an outdoor photo shoot.  We want to show beautiful landscapes and people out enjoying them.  For the most part, we will take family photos of you playing outside with the kids, kids just being kids, enjoying life, cartwheels on the beach, chasing the dog, flying kites, playing with Mom & Dad, climbing trees, you know, FUN! We can also do the stuffy posed shots, of course, at your request. ;)

When will I see my images?
I always tell people a week, but typically we will put a few sneak pics up on Facebook right away for you to see and share with your friends and family, etc. then you will get a link to images that are online, and you will receive the disc itself in about a week.  (we will ask for your addresses at the time of scheduling)