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Chinese New Year, 2017

This last weekend, we stayed in Old Town Tacoma at the Silver Cloud Inn so that we could watch and play with all of the crazy hunters and artists involved in #monkeyshines2017 whoo hoo!!!!  The room we had had a window right out over the water and Ruston Way to see all of the walkers. Just so you realize how desperately I wanted to be in the middle of everything so that I could watch as well as hunt, we actually live in Tacoma!

Monkeyshines usually coincides with the Lunar New Year and entails a massive, city-wide scavenger hunt for glass globes and medallions hidden throughout Tacoma. Each year, a secretive team of glassblowers creates hundreds of these globes and medallions, all unique, all handblown. 

So much silly fun.  We have tried to find glass orbs for 3 years and have never found anything.....we have taken so many lovely photos in the areas of Tacoma that we don't see enough. And, i'm just going to leave this here and share some of my posts from the weekend to see how much excitement we had.

Are you following us on Social Media?  Unfortunately I am not good with the blogging but i post when we are outside on a daily basis.