I love Tampa!

Here are a few photos from our Tampa, Florida trip.  If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you probably have seen them already, but if not.........these are views off of the balcony of our hotel room at the Courtyard in Downtown Tampa and snaps we got while walking the riverwalk and driving to Clearwater to play on the beach.  @SouthwestAirlines

Our new sunny bag!

When we travel we usually take the same things with us on every trip with the exception of weather related items, and if we are going by air or car, but these are some new additions.


Wood Thrush Dry Bags

This bag was awesome for keeping all of our goods dry at the beach, and the color is amazing, a sunshine yellow, my favorite.  Compact, easy to close and easy to open again.  Here is our sunny bag getting a shower after salty beach playtime......

Is it almost December already?

I am really trying to use my blog again.  We stay so busy normally that I just post to Facebook and Instagram but as we get asked to do more and more travel and product reviews I really need to find time to post here even if it's just a few minutes at a time.

It has been so cold here in the Seattle area this last week or so that it has been hard to get motivated to get outside.  This is a quick shot yesterday we took on a walk, everything was flash frozen and created awesome crystals on pretty much everything including plants and spider webs.  My daughter loved finding all of the different combinations.

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