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so much fun!

we have been having so much fun shooting spring family photos in the SF Bay area! Time is just flying by.....even when it's pouring rain we are still out visiting California State Parks and Beaches, or doing puddle hikes. We are definitely enjoying each and every day here. Are you following us on Facebook? If not, click the tap up at the top of this page and it will take you there. Facebook is so easy for us to update from the road that it gets way more attention than our actual website. Here are a few examples of photos we've taken over the past few weeks:

Spring Giveaway!

It's so hard to sit inside and edit photos when the sun is begging us to come out and play...i just know we are just missing some gorgeous summery weather. Guess I'll have to bail and come back tonight after dark and try again. Speaking of Summer, I decided that this year I would run a giveaway. Exciting, right? I'm still collecting vendors that might want to join in on the fun, but from Parks Photography we will be giving away 2 family photo shoots, with a forest theme or a beach theme. (Santa Cruz area) The shoots will include one hour of shooting time, and an online gallery to order pics from. O.k so you can have one entry by following our blog, one entry by following us on the Facebook page, and one entry by sharing our Facebook Page with others. (leave a comment under this post telling me that you did please) The contest will end on April 15th with the winners being announced right after the winners are chosen using Vendors: if you are interested in joining up for this giveaway, email us ASAP so we can get it all figured out. We will only accept family friendly (g rated) companies, and would love to see some photo prop type things, clothes for kids, treats, frames, etc. and would LOVE to hear from California companies!

Weekends are too short!

We do so many shoots on the weekends....and so many hikes and playground and dog park visits, that they all seem to fly by! This past weekend we were mostly in the areas around Santa Cruz meeting families for play dates and photos. Did you know that this year, for every 5 photo shoots we do I only post examples from one or two? I had someone ask me that today. The truth is, I understand about privacy and some people do not want their family images online on Facebook or websites and I work with them on that. Here are just a few fun examples of photos we got to take this weekend.