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Looking for something to do tonight?

We have joined the weekly scavenger hunt here tonight and will be doing giveaways again if you're looking for something to do! They are kind of fun, especially if you are just looking for something to surf about tonight. ;)

Hello from New Mexico!

Well, we made it to New Mexico. We drove 1000 miles to get here and we are anxiously looking up plenty of things to do while we are here. Beginning tomorrow, we will try to see as many things as possible and share photos with all of our friends on our website and Facebook. If you have any suggestions of things to do, please share!

We were welcomed into New Mexico last night by these beautiful clouds at sunset.

Have you ever been to New Mexico?

Do you know anything about New Mexico? Have any suggestions? We just found out we are making a road trip there, and leaving on Saturday! So stay tuned for photos from the road (it's almost 1000 miles) and watch our Facebook page.

Have you visited the California Missions?

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The architecture of the California Missions always gets my attention. I love to visit them, as often as possible. My favorite is in San Juan Bautista. I took a few pics there today, but i have filmed there many times in the past.

California Missions

Follow the Parks in the California State Parks!

I just realized that I didn't have a 'follow' button on my website. If you'd like to hit that button over there and follow along, I promise to be a better (or at least more frequent) blogger. In the VERY near future, I will be doing a great giveaway! I'm guessing it will be about 2 weeks before I get that 'perfect' shot, but when I do have it I will be posting a contest with at least one gallery wrap, and probably other don't want to miss out, right? psst....feel free to tell all of your friends!

New friends!

We made some new friends this morning while taking pictures in the California State Parks! If anyone is looking for camping/boating/hiking ops, you should definately check these out....