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Pack It Up!

 We know that when we hear "Pack It UP!" we are getting ready to go on a road trip.  If you aren't ready when it's time to go, things get left behind.  One of our new organization products we got to review is this handy dandy back of the seat organizer by #FancyMobility.  Amazon Link  Ella loves the color because it's not too girly and has a bright blue trim.  I love it because it holds about 3 times as much as other brands we have tried.  The best part?  Yep, the fact that it has a spot for a water bottle so the cup holders are free for other things (yep, even the 10 in my mini van).  It has a strap that connects around the headrest and one that connects around the seat so it stays flat against the back of the seat while driving.  

Tolmie State Park

On Saturday we went as a family to Tolmie State Park in the Olympia/Lacey area, always a great place to go at low tide for wading. This is one of those places where you can find a ton of sand dollars which is a huge "Wow" when you are standing on the beach and realize you are surrounded by them.  #parkspix 

Tolmie State Park is a 105-acre marine day-use park with 1,800 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound. This forested park is on Nisqually Beach, a few miles from Olympia, the state's capital city. The park offers a variety of beachside activities and an underwater park built by scuba divers. The park features an underwater park for scuba divers, a saltwater marsh, a beach, a forest and abundant wildlife. 


*all opinions are my own

 when is the last time you went shopping for sunglasses? I find it incredibly boring and difficult at the same time.  I hate people watching me try on glasses in the little to non existent mirror that you find at the big box stores, and i don't go to the high end sunglass stores because i am horrible with keeping track of them and really, who wants to spend $100 on a pair of sunglasses that may or may not get left on the counter at Starbucks or on the gas island? I'm's not the kids that lose stuff, it's me. So, i've started searching online for glasses, here is my latest find!  #wearme_pro 
What do you think?  They are totally different than any other pair i've ever had, but hey.....i kinda dig them!  ;) 

Dog Training

All opinions are my own 

A WhistCall® Dog Training Whistle 

So have you ever tried dog training?  We have tried many different kinds, but had never tried dog whistle before.  I got this specific one to review and it's pretty slick.  I mean, it's hard enough doing training with the dogs for more than a few minutes at a time unless someone brings me a big cup of coffee.....let's be realistic.  But, with this dog whistle they pretty much trained me.  This company, forPets, #whistcall made this pretty easy to learn to use, even for me.  There are easy to follow instructions included in the package and the lead is really sturdy.  What i noticed, which i never thought of before, is that both of our dogs liked the whistle, but they seemed to respond differently, so they trained us on which noise actually worked for them! 

Here's a quick video to show you what really happened.....

Piknik App review

All opinion are my own....
The Piknik App is going to be a hit!  The color and format are similar to a combo of Yelp/Facebook that is super easy to operate.  Now available in the App store and the Google Play store, i think it's going to be huge.  We goofed off with a bit trying to see what was available so far, and really found it easy to navigate.  #piknik #food #travel #blogmylunch

We have been goofing off a lot more than homeschooling lately, but here's some pics from our painting time.  We received these easels to review, from #usartsupply.  Ella is loving them because they are the right size for her dolls to play too but will be perfect for some play dates later on.
Here is a link to the review on Amazon.