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Pack It Up!

 We know that when we hear "Pack It UP!" we are getting ready to go on a road trip.  If you aren't ready when it's time to go, things get left behind.  One of our new organization products we got to review is this handy dandy back of the seat organizer by #FancyMobility.  Amazon Link  Ella loves the color because it's not too girly and has a bright blue trim.  I love it because it holds about 3 times as much as other brands we have tried.  The best part?  Yep, the fact that it has a spot for a water bottle so the cup holders are free for other things (yep, even the 10 in my mini van).  It has a strap that connects around the headrest and one that connects around the seat so it stays flat against the back of the seat while driving.  

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