We got to go into San Francisco and film a happy couple, Candice and Ryan, at Crissy Field yesterday. They were so much fun! Here's just a few pics...

Do you Groupon?

I just got notified that our newest deal will be running just after the new year, on Groupon! This should keep me pretty busy all over the Bay area doing spring and Easter type photos, so if you know someone that is looking for a fun photographer, please feel free to let them know. The deal will be running in Groupon San Jose Jan 3-5th. Looking forward to more time spent outside playing all over the area. (like I need an excuse, right?) They asked for a bunch of photos to choose from for the advertising, and they ended up choosing this one of my little assistant. I'm guessing she will be asking for modeling fees!

4 legged friends

I had a family photo shoot this afternoon in Modesto, and the family had 3 of the cutest dogs, Sparky, Savannah and Sylvester.  We had so much fun!

Living Social!

Our deal with Living Social is ending soon, looking forward to meeting new families!
Living Social

I'm crazy like that!

I'm writing tonight to tell you I'm crazy.  Yes, I'm sure you all know that already, but I must be.  Today I was asked by a marketing person, "What is your focus?  What type of photography do you specialize in?" HA as of this day I cannot even answer that.  I focus on what my passion is at the time, and right now I am loving it all.  Is that wrong??? 

I have done start up projects, marketing spots for companies all over the world, travel reviews, family portraits, hotel/resort commercial photos, helped to create photographic databases for GPS programs, worked with non profit companies in many different states, filmed Military families reading with their children, families growing after adoption, new families, old families, pets, cars, landscapes, large companies, small companies, events, weddings, California State Parks, National Parks, children, sports, playing in the sunshine and chasing dragonflies.......well I guess you get the idea.  I'm just asking, how do I pick just one?

I have always loved to travel, and have incorporated it into my photography company.  My husband and my daughter are my biggest focus and we all are trying to enjoy every bit of it together.  Our family and friends are all over the world, and the best way we know to keep in touch with them all and share our experiences is by photography.  I hope that they don't get tired of my everyday ramblings and postings on Facebook.

Half Moon Bay, California

Love HMB.  We've been doing quick mini shoots with families for their Holiday cards, etc. and I had shoots all over the coast this past weekend.  We stayed in the Santa Cruz area on Friday and HMB on Saturday night.  We were lucky enough to find a quaint little Inn right on the water that is dog friendly!
Here's a link to their site, just in case you want to check them out.  The Inn at The Mavericks

We took the dog and child for a walk down the beach with some friends and ended up finding the world famous Mavericks Beach, (think Surfs' Up, Dude!)....but, when we got there we were suprised with hundreds of other folks that had driven out to walk the tidal pools.  Best low tide in a year! We had great fun watching all of the kids amazed at all of the little critters they could find.  ;)
If you haven't visited this area, here's a great link from the Half Moon Bay Chamber Of Commerce that will get you all set up with hiking trails, shopping, etc.

Families and Fall

I love fall!  I love the colors that it brings, and the opportunities that I find to visit hundreds of pumpkin patches and autumn festivals.  Well, I would if I could.  In the meantime I have been trying to showcase more photos on to the website to reach a wider audience. 

I am looking forward to more family photo shoots, especially for the Holidays! 

Happy Fall!

I am revamping my website so please let me know what you think! Hopefully I will be better at keeping it current over the winter.  Our times in the State Parks have slowed down, but our time with family and friends has increased and you will surely see the changes over the next few months. 

Pacheco State Park

Have you ever been to Pacheco State Park?  We go there quite often because it is pretty close to our 'home base'.  It has great trees and skies for photos and nice trails to walk on with family.  This I borrowed from the California State Park discription,  but it tells all about the park and the history.  Please take a gander when you have a chance.

Pacheco State Park is the last remaining portion of the Mexican land grant, El Rancho San Luis Gonzaga. Francisco Pacheco and his son Juan were granted the property and built the first house in Merced County on this land in 1843. The land remained in the Pacheco family through five generations until Paula Fatjo, the great-great granddaughter of Francisco Pacheco, donated the land in 1992 to be a park for future generations who share her love of animals, horse back riding, history, and unspoiled land. This land has been a horse and a cattle ranch since 1843 and has breath taking views of the Central Valley to the east and the Santa Clara Valley to the west.

The park has beautiful displays of spring wildflowers, scenic vistas, and outstanding trails for horse-back riding, hiking, and mountain biking. The 28 miles of trails offer several loop options to give visitors the choice of a hike or ride of from one to twenty miles or more. During the spring the park's grassy slopes abound with blossoming wildflowers. The park is home to tule elk, deer, bobcat, coyote, fox, several hawks, golden eagles and many other smaller animals. Cattle continue to graze on the ranch in the winter and spring months.

Among the historic features of the park are an old line shack used by Henry Miller's cattle company in the 1800s, part of the old Butterfield Stage line route, and the remains of the original Pacheco adobe. There is also a wind turbine farm which generates enough clean electrical power for 3,500 homes.
Although the total park area is 6,890 acres only the western 2,600 acres are open for public use at this time.
Location/Directions: Pacheco State Park is located 24 miles west of Los Banos or 20 miles east of Gilroy off Highway 152 on Dinosaur Point Road.

Address:38787 Dinosaur Point Road
Hollister, CA 95023
Telephone: (209) 826 6283 Fax: (209) 827 3704

Operation Hours: All year. Day use hours are 8:00 a.m. until sunset.
Seasons/Climate/Recommended Clothing: The area is semiarid, with daytime temperatures ranging from 80 to 100 degrees in the summer and 45 to 65 degrees in the winter. Evening are quite cool all year due to coastal marine air moving eastward across the Pacheco Pass. Remember to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a lot of drinking water especially in the summer months.
Camping: There are no facilities for camping except for special events. There is no potable water for human consumption at this time but there is water in the park's several lakes for horses. Camping is available at nearby San Luis State Recreation Area.
Recommendation: During the mild spring and fall months, visitors are encouraged to roam the hills that have been traversed by Central Valley Yokut Indians, Spanish missionaries and soldiers, Mexican vaqueros, gold seekers and bandits.
Special Events/programs: Springtime guided walks and rides highlight park history and wildflower displays. Call the park for dates and times.
Fees: $5 day use fee per vehicle

NOTE: No Dogs allowed on the trails

favorite snap of the day

This is one of our favorite places to go walking, especially after a storm.  The stormy skies reflecting in the water are always wonderful to see and make for beautiful snapshots.  This is a walk we take on a paved trail in San Luis Creek, San Luis Reservoir. 


Yummy travel smells

Since we travel almost all of the time, we have gotten pretty good at finding good smells to bring into the hotels with us.  I love these new travel sized scents, they are so easy to pack along in the suitcase or in the car and really make you feel like you're at home even when you're not.  Check them out, there are tons of different choices. 

Travel smells~bring your own!

Help SAVE Henry Coe State Park

We visited Henry Coe State Park yesterday again and did a family hike on Memorial Day.   It was sad but great to see how many families and groups were there hiking and playing outside together.  At the end of the Holiday weekend, there were still full parking lots, a  big number of bikers riding up and down, and enough people on the trails that we had to say 'excuse me' and pull over to let others pass. ;)

2011 Kids Fishing Day

We visited San Luis Creek this morning to watch the families fish. We really enjoyed taking our daughter for her first fishing trip and she loved getting to use her new fishing pole.

Summer is just around the corner!

Almost May 1st! Here comes summer in California. Wish you were here!


I had so much fun playing in the Red Rocks in New Mexico I thought i'd offer my fans a free digital picture to use as a desktop or background, or even to make a Mothers Day gift for your loved ones! So, here are a couple of previews...if you like them make sure and tell me! Oh, and if you want one (without my logo, of course) then email me at parksphotography@msn.com. On Sunday I will respond to all of the emails I have gotten and send you your digital copies. FYI the file will be large enough to send for large prints if you like.

Happy Friday!

Back to California we go!

Well, we made it back to California. My daughter wasn't feeling well, so we didn't take too much time sightseeing on the way home from New Mexico. (There's always next time, right?) We did manage to take Route 66 whenever possible between Albuquerque and Bakersfield, and saw some pretty interesting things. I was suprised by the differences we found both in the highway itself and the towns lining it. In some towns, they really embrased the Route 66 funk and kept up with it, some even had tour busses lining the streets. In other towns, not only did it go to ghost town status, but a good deal of the buildings had either fallen down or been burned down. Here are a few pics from the Route 66 portion of our trip this time.

7 more days!!!

We will be headed back to California soon, only 7 more days! Of course, once we leave we will be posting photos from stops along the route and you are welcome to follow along. We will be sharing on our Facebook Fan Site, so make sure you are watching.

Stops on the return trip may include:

Red Rock Park (near Gallop)
More stops along Route 66
Mojave Airplane Graveyard
Lake Havasu
Antelope Poppy Preserve

Would you like to be a stock photographer?

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at stock photography? I thought I'd put some links on my site today in case you have. To be honest, I've never made a lot of money at it, but it is quite fun and I've made a good deal of money through the contacts I've made while selling stock.


Dreamstime is my favorite site, I have met tons of great photographers and buyers through this site.


Someone just asked me to build a background package for them to use on their desktop computer. I have put together packages like this before to be used as backgrounds as well as screen savers. Would any of you be interested in something like this? Please comment and let me know. And, 'follow' our blog so you get the updates when they are available.

Thanks, happy Monday!

What a great day!

This morning we took some great hikes as a family at Petroglyph National Park,

Looking for something to do tonight?

We have joined the weekly scavenger hunt here tonight and will be doing giveaways again if you're looking for something to do! They are kind of fun, especially if you are just looking for something to surf about tonight. ;)

Hello from New Mexico!

Well, we made it to New Mexico. We drove 1000 miles to get here and we are anxiously looking up plenty of things to do while we are here. Beginning tomorrow, we will try to see as many things as possible and share photos with all of our friends on our website and Facebook. If you have any suggestions of things to do, please share!

We were welcomed into New Mexico last night by these beautiful clouds at sunset.

Have you ever been to New Mexico?

Do you know anything about New Mexico? Have any suggestions? We just found out we are making a road trip there, and leaving on Saturday! So stay tuned for photos from the road (it's almost 1000 miles) and watch our Facebook page.

Have you visited the California Missions?

Search Amazon.com for california missions

The architecture of the California Missions always gets my attention. I love to visit them, as often as possible. My favorite is in San Juan Bautista. I took a few pics there today, but i have filmed there many times in the past.

California Missions

Follow the Parks in the California State Parks!

I just realized that I didn't have a 'follow' button on my website. If you'd like to hit that button over there and follow along, I promise to be a better (or at least more frequent) blogger. In the VERY near future, I will be doing a great giveaway! I'm guessing it will be about 2 weeks before I get that 'perfect' shot, but when I do have it I will be posting a contest with at least one gallery wrap, and probably other things.....you don't want to miss out, right? psst....feel free to tell all of your friends!

New friends!

We made some new friends this morning while taking pictures in the California State Parks! If anyone is looking for camping/boating/hiking ops, you should definately check these out....


We are filming in Merced County, California. The fruit/nut trees are starting to bloom and we will be sharing pics as soon as we take them. Here is some great info on what blooms when/where in this county.

These pictures were shot yesterday near Los Banos.