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I'm crazy like that!

I'm writing tonight to tell you I'm crazy.  Yes, I'm sure you all know that already, but I must be.  Today I was asked by a marketing person, "What is your focus?  What type of photography do you specialize in?" HA as of this day I cannot even answer that.  I focus on what my passion is at the time, and right now I am loving it all.  Is that wrong??? 

I have done start up projects, marketing spots for companies all over the world, travel reviews, family portraits, hotel/resort commercial photos, helped to create photographic databases for GPS programs, worked with non profit companies in many different states, filmed Military families reading with their children, families growing after adoption, new families, old families, pets, cars, landscapes, large companies, small companies, events, weddings, California State Parks, National Parks, children, sports, playing in the sunshine and chasing dragonflies.......well I guess you get the idea.  I'm just asking, how do I pick just one?

I have always loved to travel, and have incorporated it into my photography company.  My husband and my daughter are my biggest focus and we all are trying to enjoy every bit of it together.  Our family and friends are all over the world, and the best way we know to keep in touch with them all and share our experiences is by photography.  I hope that they don't get tired of my everyday ramblings and postings on Facebook.

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