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Tiny little camera

We got this new cute little camera at a discounted rate in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Love this new little camera! It's waterproof so we were able to take it right outside and play in the Seattle rainy spring sunshine, and it's small and compact, perfect to take along on a trip, throw into a backpack for hiking or just keep it in the car close and handy. My 8 year old was able to figure out everything on the camera and the case quicker than i could, and this still photo she took while playing in the rain with the moving dog. Pretty crisp and clear. These are a great price point on Amazon and they would make a perfect gift for someone that's going away to camp or on a trip, without spending an arm and a leg. So cute! #camera #BorninHawaii #adventure #gift

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! I am finally remembering to protect my electronics before they get dented and/or scratched. I got some items to review, but as always, all opinions are my own. Every time I get a phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc. i am so excited to get them i use them immediately. Immediately before i put cases on them, before i put scratch covers on them. Not smart. What almost always happens is that i set something down on a random table in a hotel or coffee bar somewhere, and it gets scratched. Notice I'm not blaming my child or anyone else....i am to blame, no question about it! I finally did it, though, i got some scratch covers and phone cases and tablet cases. My favorite is by far the one from #Pierrebernard it is rose gold like my Iphone and fits so perfect that it's as if it was always part of the phone. And yes, i do know what i'm talking about because i've had many covers in years past and they were either too big or too small and covered part of the camera lens or the wrong part of the power button. This one is a perfect fit and even has the covered bits labeled neatly. WORLD'S THINNEST-rugged protective iphone 6 case(4.7") with Spider Web Protection Design.
EXTREME PROTECTION from Drop and Scratches including Air Cushion Corners.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN-Slimmer and More Durable than many other cases on market.
LIFETIME WARRANTY-from Pierre Bernard to ensure maximum protection for the life of your iphone 6.
BEST CASE for your iphone 6- to protect your investment.LIFETIME WARRANTY-from Pierre Bernard to ensure maximum protection for the life of your iphone 6. can find it here: Amazon

Review- Leader Accessories Mini Cruiser Complete Board

As always, all opinions are my own. ;) Amazon Link
We have been looking for more toy type reviews to add to our collection of great travel pieces. We found this great board, it says mini, but it's the perfect size for the 8 year old person that has never had a skateboard before! She loves it....the color, the size, even the wheels. Yesterday it rained and rained and rained as it does here in the Pacific Northwest, but in between storms we got her all strapped in with protective padding and off we went to Grandpa's driveway which is the best around. This child has great balance from all of the years of gymnastics, but it was amazing to see her get right up and have a great time. They even figured out a way to set up a little ramp system to give her more 'go' down the hill. Here are some little pics for you to see.

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Review-Digital Voice Recorder

Hi, we got this tiny voice recorder to review but all opinions are our own! #Alisten #recorder #dictation #meetings

This #Alisten Digital Voice Recorder is the cutest! I put it in my pocket to take notes while out hiking....i do some of my best thinking while we are out on the trail. My have also tested it out during a meeting and it was awesome, recorded the entire meeting/class which was about 4 hours long. This would make a great gift to that special someone in your life that is always working.
Product Description


• HD (HIGH DEFINITION) and LONG RECORDING TIME: professional recording quality (max 384Kbps) with intelligent noise reduction filtering microphone and voice amplification. Provide crystal-clear sound quality when recording and playing. Support MP3, WAV format. Rechargeable Lithium battery last up to 25 HOURS recording.

• 3-IN-1 with THE MOST FUNCTIONS: can be use as Audio Voice Recorder, Music MP3 Player, USB Flash Drive (Plug and Play, no driver needed). Functions include Record File Playing, Music MP3 Playing, USB Flash Drive, Auto Record (Schedule Record), VOX (Sound Activation Record), Segmentation Record (control maximum length of single record file), Password Function, Volume Change, Fast Forward/Backward and more.

• SMALL & CONVENIENT, 25 LANGUAGE: sleek light weight (0.53oz) and mini compact "spy" size (2.2 x 0.9 x 0.3 inch), easy to useideal for meetings, lectures, classes, interviews, journalists, law enforcement, storytelling, sales, sessions, gigs, personal recording and more. ***25 LANGUAGE SUPPORTED***: English, Simp/Trad Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, German, Korean, Thai, French and more.

• EASY TO USE WITH PASSWORD: simply use the Top Button Switcher to Record, Play Music and Record File. Plug and Play USB Flash Drive, no driver needed.

My boy and his toys!

, I'm a proud dog Mom, but his toys really are getting out of hand. He has so many toys, but only a few that are really favorites to him. I was sent this one to review and we absolutely love it. It's from #Indestructaball and you can read about it here: INDESTRUCTABALL

I tried to go for a walk with him and his new ball smuggled in his mouth, but then he saw water........