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Spring fun!

Hello there! We have been pretty busy and haven't had time to update the blog. Well, truth be told, I'm horrible at it even when we're not busy. So, here I sit wanting to share something with all of you and not having much to say except happy spring! We have been doing shoots around Monterey the past week, and here's just a sneak.....just a reminder we still have yet to hear from alot of people that have purchased photo shoots, and we have time to still shoot families for spring/Easter photos.

Santa Cruz and Monarchs

so, today we were playing in Santa Cruz and it was so gorgeous for summer. Unbelievable for Feb:-) we saw more Monarchs today playing in the sunshine than ever before. i wanted to share a few pics as soon as possible with you so i stole my husbands tablet to post some snaps. if you have never seen this many butterflies in one location...well its pretty amazing. Make sure and leave a comment, ok?