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Thinking about grabbing that Groupon?

YAY! We can't wait to meet you.  I thought I'd write you a quick note just to help with some questions about the current Groupon (Jan 3-5, San Jose).  If you look around our Facebook and Website you will probably get a quick idea of what we are doing this year, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be monitoring the question board on Groupon once the deal goes 'live' so you can also ask that way.

How long is the shoot?
Our current Groupon will include up to 60 minutes of shooting time.  If you need more than that, we can arrange that in advance of your shoot and will need to know that for scheduling purposes.  ($50 for each additional hour).  But honestly, after about 30 minutes most people are ready to move on to whatever else they have planned for the day. 

Where would you like to shoot?
We can meet you at an outdoor location here in the SF Bay area.  (think beaches and parks) we would love to meet you and your family on a beach in Monterey, or at Crissy Field in San Francisco, or in Santa Cruz by the Boardwalk, etc.

What kind of photo shoot is this?
Yep, this is for an outdoor photo shoot.  We want to show beautiful landscapes and people out enjoying them.  For the most part, we will take family photos of you playing outside with the kids, kids just being kids, enjoying life, cartwheels on the beach, chasing the dog, flying kites, playing with Mom & Dad, climbing trees, you know, FUN! We can also do the stuffy posed shots, of course, at your request. ;)

When will I see my images?
I always tell people a week, but typically we will put a few sneak pics up on Facebook right away for you to see and share with your friends and family, etc. then you will get a link to images that are online, and you will receive the disc itself in about a week.  (we will ask for your addresses at the time of scheduling)

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