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Natural Bridges State Park

Yep, we even visit the California State Parks in the pouring rain! We went Sunday afternoon to the Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz. It was wet and cold, but so beautiful! For the first time, we went to the visitor center and read all about the Monarch Butterflies and then walked the boardwalk Monarch trail down to their 'resting place' at the bottom in the eucalyptus grove. At first glance, we saw maybe a dozen butterflies fluttering way over our heads. Even that small amount was cool! So, we started walking back, enjoying our stroll, when the guys noticed all of the 'clusters' of butterflies in the trees above. VERY NEAT! I guess this is what they do when the weather is cool, they cluster together for warmth. If you haven't seen them, you should really make a point of going. The reason why we didn't see them at first is that when they aren't flying, and are hanging upside down, they really look like the leaves on the trees. ;)

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